Flower pipings cake for Cakes & Sugarcraft magazine

I designed and photographed this cake for Cakes & Sugarcraft magazine. The idea was to create also some cupcakes that would match the style of the cake. It always looks very festive to have beautiful cupcakes with the cake on the dessert table!

It’s actually surprisingly easy to make some additional cupcakes while you’re making the cake. For these cupcakes I just made extra amount of batter for the chocolate cake. The baked chocolate muffins were easy to ice and decorate with the same icing as the cake.

The cake is filled with delicious mocha cream cheese filling and in addition to the decorating tutorial the recipe was also published in the magazine.

Cakes & sugarcraft magazine is sold worldwide in bookstores and magazine kiosks but you can also get a digital copy here.

Enjoy the early spring days!

Emma Ivane cake decorating buttercream flowers online course
Emma Ivane cake design and photography in Cakes & Sugarcraft magazine
Emma Ivane flower cake for an international magazine

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