Easy recipes – more time to decorate!

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  • Designer Cake Decorating book Emma Ivane

    Designer Cake Decorating – Written By 12 Of The World’s Best Cake Designers


    Designer Cake Decorating is the only book of its kind to share a vast range of skills, step-by-step techniques, recipes and expert advice from the biggest names in cake design.

  • Minimuru kirja



    “We minimize everything except taste – 70 revolutionary easy recipes!” Mocha pieces, muffins and coffee cakes can be spun super easily without an electric mixer. The amount of ingredients and work steps is minimized in all recipes – without compromising on the delicacy, of course.

  • Emma’s Sweet Christmas


    In this baking book, cake artist Emma Ivane shares her most wonderful Christmas recipes – imaginative chocolates, pastries, buns, ice cream and cakes for the Christmas delicacy table.

  • Only 3 Baking Book


    Could baking get any easier? Only 3 vows to change the way you think: baking doesn’t have to be tricky and time-consuming, or require major effort and lengthy recipes. To the joy of every baker at home, Emma Ivane has created a collection of practical and clever recipes.

  • Emma’s Cakebook


    This book is about the delicacies you really want to bake – and eat!

    65 tempting baking ideas make the reader grab the bowl and whisk over and over again.


  • emman makeat piirakat leivontakirja

    Emma’s Sweet Pies


    Emma Iivane’s third baking book focuses on delicious and beautiful sweet pies. In the style of previous books, book pies are inventive, easy to make, great looking, and most of all, mouth-watering.