My philosophy with baking is that I design recipes like an engineer and decorate like an artist. This leads into extremely easy foolproof recipes with as little phases as possible. And less dishes to clean. When the recipes are easy, you have more time to decorate. I love to develop new decorating techniques and as a painter, colours are extremely important to me. I want to make cake art that is easy and peaceful to look at. I grew up in a family with a huge passion for great food so taste is everything. For a couple of years I made cakes for weddings and other events. I had to make sure that the flavour of the cake is wonderful because it is the last thing the client remembers of the product.

I was named Artisan of the Moment by the Craft Museum of Finland in 2013 and got a one year long cake art exhibition in the museum.

In the same year I competed in Koko Suomi leipoo (The Whole of Finland Bakes), the Finnish equivalent of the Great British Bake Off.

I have written 7 published baking books. Four of them I photographed myself and for two of them I also made the graphic design. My latest books ONLY 3 and Minimuru are written in English and in Finnish.

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