Inspirational speaking and business consulting

Do you want to take your business to a next level? Do you want to live your dream life? Do you want to get hugely inspired?

One of my true passions is to get other people inspired. There’s nothing more rewarding then seeing people find their true potential!

In my consulting business and speaking gigs I focus on topics like how to turn your passion into a successful business. Of course this includes a lot of analysis about how to find your passion, how to build a brand and how to create your dreamlife!

Many of my speaking gigs are organised in collaboration with consulting company Tamora Oy but I do speaking gigs for all kinds of events and clients. 

My audiences include companies, starting businesses, educational establishments, artists, city governments and even ministers.

My education is Master of Science in Technology and I graduated from Tampere University of Technology in the year 2013 with advanced studies in Industrial Management. My master’s thesis is about corporate strategy.

The story of my company is published in a business book Uuden työn yhteiskunta.

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CLIENT: Lapland Growth Servises
COACHING: Service innovation

CLIENT: Vantaa City
COACHING: Innovation mindset and social media

CLIENT: Hamina City Council
COACHING: Branding and innovation

CLIENT: Asikkala City Council
COACHING: Branding and innovation

CLIENT: Huittinen City Council
COACHING: Branding and innovation

CLIENT: Ikaalinen City Council
COACHING: Innovation mindset

CLIENT: Huittinen City Council
COACHING: Branding and innovation