Instagram, Branding, Innovation, Mindset, Photography, Cake decoration

Inspirational speaking and workshops

Do you want to take your branding, growth mindset or creative skills to a whole new level?

I am a passionate educator in the fields of:
– instagram marketing
– branding
– innovation mindset techniques
– visionary mindset techniques
– food photography and styling
– world-class cake decoration

As an inspirational speaker my mission is to take the energy of the organization to a whole new level. It all starts with fundamentally changing the way we think. I´m specialized in teaching how to become immune to overwhelm and rejection, techniques for inspiration on demand and creating the sustainable growth identity that can take you anywhere you want to go – with the sense of flow and ease.

I´ve been passionately studying and applying these techniques that world-class performes use for more than ten years with inspiration from the world´s best coaches like Vishen Lakhiani, Marisa Peer and Robin Sharma. I believe in fast profound change. Not repeating the same uneffective patterns for years. Rapid change is absolutely possible in every individual and organization when the change is done at a deeper level.

To book courses or coaching, please contact me at and we will design the best coaching package for you.


What my clients are saying:

“These techniques should be teached to all start-ups in Finland. They would benefit hugely from becoming immune to rejection and the growth mindset techniques.” – Muutosmuotoilijat Helsinki

“The most inspiring speaker about branding.” – Ikaallinen city government

“The most inspiring speech of the year” – Better worklife fair

“Kiitos sinulle tästä kattavasta materiaalista! Sinua on ilo kuunnella, kerrot asiat luonnikkaasti, kuulija saa paljon tietoa ja ennen kaikkea inspiraatiota. Itse sain paljon vinkkejä ja itseluottamusta. Lämmin kiitos.” – Marjo


What the media is saying:

“You can recreate yourself every day” – TRENDI magazine

“Ivane´s story is like a film script” – Kauppalehti business magazine

“She became a cake world superstar.” – YLE


CLIENT: Tampereen valokuvausseura photography association
COACHING: Food styling and food photography

CLIENT: Confetti Tampere
COACHING: Cake decorating show

CLIENT: Uudenmaan liitto city council
COACHING: Strategy implementation

CLIENT: Lapland Growth Services
COACHING: Service innovation and instagram

CLIENT: Vantaa City
COACHING: Innovation mindset and instagram

CLIENT: Hamina City Council
COACHING: Branding and innovation

CLIENT: Asikkala City Council
COACHING: Branding and innovation

CLIENT: Huittinen City Council
COACHING: Branding and innovation

CLIENT: Heirol Oy
COACHING: Cake Decoration Show

CLIENT: Ikaalinen City Council
COACHING: Innovation mindset

CLIENT: Huittinen City Council
COACHING: Branding and innovation

CLIENT: Confetti Vantaa
COACHING: Cake Decoration

CLIENT: Confetti Vantaa
COACHING: Cake decoration