Emma Ivane

Sharing the secrets of simple baking!

Emma Ivane (Iivanainen) is an award-winning cake artist, recipe designer and a photographer known for her innovative 3-ingredient recipes and decoration techniques. Emma is one of the authors of DESIGNER CAKE DECORATING – Written By 12 World’s Best Cake Designers -book. The book was launched in London 2019.

Emma provides high quality services within the field of recipe design, food photography, social media collaboration and business consulting.

Emma is well-known from The Whole of Finland Bakes TV show, the Finnish equivalent of the Great British Bake Off. Emma has already seven baking books under her name and two of the books are published also in English.

Emma is a passionate photographer and her photos have been seen in a large number of books, magazines, adverts and product packaging internationally. In 2013 Emma was nominated Artisan of the Moment, sealing her a museum exhibition in cake art for a whole year. Recently, Emma has launched her international collection of Emma Ivane Bakeware including cake pans and decorating tools.

Emma had her first art exhibition in Helsinki during the launch of her baking book Only 3 in 2018 and her abstract paintings were sold all the way to New York. As a film producer, Emma has visited the Cannes Film festival two times with different film projects.

Emma is regularly collaborating with different brands on social media and public events. As a consultant and an inspirational speaker, Emma is helping people to turn their passion into a career.

A Master of Science in Technology by education, Emma devises her baking recipes with the preciseness of engineering, breathing new life into the baking world. Above all, taste is everything!

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Emma Ivane on palkittu kakkutaiteilija ja leivontakirjailija, joka tunnetaan helpoista 3-aineen resepteistä ja innovatiivisista koristelutekniikoistaan. Emma on yksi valituista kirjailijoista kirjassa DESIGNER CAKE DECORATING – Written By 12 World’s Best Cakes Designers, joka julkaistiin Lontoossa keväällä 2019.

Emma on ammattitaitoinen reseptisuunnittelija ja valokuvaaja, joka tarjoaa sisältöjä ja yhteistöitä monipuolisesti ruoka-alan yrityksille ja medioille.

Kaikki syntyy intohimosta makeaan!

Ota yhteyttä! emma@emmaivane.com