Emma Ivane is an award-winning cake designer, baking book writer and artist.

Emma Ivane (Iivanainen) is an award-winning cake designer, author, photographer, artist and entrepreneur. In 2013 she was named Artisan of the Moment by the Craft Museum of Finland. In the same year she also competed in Koko Suomi Leipoo (The Whole of Finland Bakes), the Finnish equivalent of the Great British Bake Off. Emma has appeared on popular TV and radio programs in her native Finland as well as in baking books and magazines. Her former blog, Painted by Cakes, has been nominated for the best Baking Blog and the Most Inspiring Food Blog in Finland.

Emma is a regular contributor to the Cakes & Sugarcraft magazine and also writes articles for Wedding Cakes magazine in the UK. These Squires Kitchen magazines are sold worldwide. Emma has also written and photographed several baking articles for many Finnish lifestyle and food magazines.

Emma is an author of 5 baking books.